STX International Grinders:

STX meat grinders are highly appreciated and quality products that are hugely popular among the customers. Each year the company includes something new to their grinders that make them best suited for the hunters who want to grind their game at home.

The grinders are made of heavy and solid metals which make them more durable than any other grinder in the market. STX grinders are mostly famous for its hi-tech and modern look with smart and ergonomic buttons.

History of STX International:

STX Internationals is one of the best International product sourcing AGENCY AND Manufacture’s Rep Agency that has been selling through its division ‘The Mercantile Station 2’, to many of the largest retailers in the USA since 1982.

STX internationals are also selling their products via Though there is not much information is available about their journey or the story behind the establishment of the company.

But the products they are manufacturing and selling via other companies are of no doubt the good quality. STX International Grinders are the best seller of the company.

Products STX International is into:

They are a big manufacturer of meat grinders and sausage stuffers. They have already included many varieties of their product.

They also sell the parts of the grinding machine, kubbe attachments, sausage stuffing tubes, Home Steam Cleaners, Food Marinators etc.

Some of the highly appreciated products of them are here

Market Report About STX International:

Market report of STX International is very positive. Most of the reviews that are posted on various websites are stating on the good quality engineering and the metal of the products.

The best selling products of the company are the stainless steel Electric meat grinder and sausage stuffers.

It is also one of the top rated companies in Amazon in terms of selling products.

Already thousands of customers in the mainland have opted for this product and highly satisfied. The STX meat grinder reviews in are its proof. People are talking mainly about the guarantee period which is best in the market.

Mostly the hunters are an avid user of these products because of the strength and durability that the grinders are providing.

Good Features Of STX Meat Grinders:

STX International Electric Meat Grinders have a worth mentioning fan following. Below are the features that make it more popular than its other counterparts.

The size and shape: STX international manufacturers grinders in different shapes and sizes keeping in mind all the varied customer needs.

The small families usually need a small sized, regular motor power meat grinder for their frequent use, where the hunters need a well engineered heavy built meat grinder with enough motor power which will be capable of grinding the huge amount of wild animal meat.

STX international manufactures all type of grinders for varied customers and their varied needs.

The metal that the products are made of: They use strong solid metals like stainless steel which keeps the grinders away from any dust or corrosion which makes the grinders so much popular.

The gears are made of stainless steel that is why the grinders can grind hard meat and even small pieces of bone without causing any harm to the grinder, unlike other companies where the gears are made of plastic and tend to break on the first grinding. Also for this metal the cleaning process become easy.

Warranty: The warranty scheme of STX International clearly states how much they are confident about their products, and that what attracts most of the customers.

All the products are of 100% 3 years guarantee. According to the manufacturer-

The first 30 Days are covered by a Money Back or Replacement Guarantee. If your product is found to be defective or becomes defective through normal use during this first 30 day period, we will replace your unit at no charge or issue a complete refund for the product and we will pay all shipping costs involved. The remainder of the 3 Year Period (after the first 30 days) is covered by a Free Parts & Labor Guarantee. If your product stops working or becomes defective during this period, return the product to us and we will repair your product with Free OEM parts and No Labor Charges. Shipping to and from to be paid by the buyer.

Performance: A good capacity motor grinds faster and accurately. Some motors are air cooled and permanently lubricated also a safety circuit breaker is included with those motors to avoid any occurrence of overheating and overload.

Durability: Needless to say such strong metal, powerful motor with protection and the 3 years warranty from the manufacturer clearly states how durable the products are.

Daily use with proper care will assign more years to the grinders’ durability.

Easiness of use: Using the STX grinder is a piece of cake. The well-illustrated buttons and the book that comes with each product clarify adequately all the details.

The cleaning procedure is also very easy as the product is very suitable to assemble and disassemble. One just has to wash all the parts with warm water and a mild soap. Keep all the grinders away from the dishwasher.

Though after washing and soaking them properly applying a thin layer of vegetable oil will make the product more durable.

Competitive Price: If you are looking for a good yet affordable meat grinder, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of models that are available by STX International.

STX International grinders have the best combo of good quality and affordable price.

 Attachments: STX grinders come with various attachments like kubbe attachment, sausage attachment, tomato juicer etc. with the attachments meat grinders the perfect combo of a useful appliance in the household.

Conclusion: STX International is a top rated meat grinder seller in the United States because of the number of good features that the products have in them. Though there is not much information is available about the company but the company name has become a well-known brand in selling meat grinders.

The electric meat grinders sold by STX International are largely popular because of their hi-tech and modern look with heavy duty built. The grinders are perfectly able to grind 300-500 pounds of meat per hour without clogging and overheating the motor. That is why STX International meat grinders have occupied a place in the list of top 10 grinders of 2017.


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