Pro Meat Grinder’s $500 Scholarship For Deserving Students

We are quite motivated to offer a small help to those who contribute a lot for the betterment of others and that’s why we are offering a $500 merit-based scholarship twice a year for students pursuing their passion in the field of  Engineering, Medical, Nursing, Applied Natural Sciences, Arts & other related. We believe contribution towards the upliftment of human society can come from any field.

Application Procedure:

We take great pride in contributing a small bit towards your education and scholarship. You will need to submit a small essay of 300-500 words explaining the reasons you should be considered for the scholarships. Kindly make sure to follow the below instructions:

  • Kindly Submit The  Application On or  Before 15th December 2022 For Spring.
  • Precisely Highlight Your Achievements  In The Essay.
  • A Short Video Displaying Your Past Projects mailed at [email protected]
  • A Short Video Of Your Last Professor/Teacher Recommending You For The Scholarship mailed at scholarship[@]
  • Other Relevant Docs and Photos Of Your Achievements.
  • WE DO NOT TAKE ANY FEES for application. If anyone asked you for fees with our website name please intimate us immediately.

Eligibility: You should have received a minimum GPA of 3.0 or Equivalent, enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited college or university in Fall (of the current year) or Spring (of the following year).

General Requirements:

Winners will need to provide the below details:

  • Age Proof of 18 Years at the time of Scholarship Disbursement.
  • Must be a citizen of US/Canada/UK.
  • Must be enrolled in any of the above mentioned related courses.

How We Will Judge The Essays?

All the essays will be judged by the existing editor of the house  and will be decided precisely on achievements, writing, aptitude, enthusiasm, and grammar.


Privacy is taken very seriously by us and all information submitted will be solely used for the purpose of deciding the winner.

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