How To Increase The Longevity Of Your Meat Grinder?

At least you care for the long life of your grinder.

I mean, I have seen many, who use a grinder but never thought about its durability; though the durability of the grinder is of paramount importance.

Do you know that you can last your grinder more than a decade?

Yes! Obviously, you can and also without decreasing its efficiency.

I bet if you follow certain measures to keep your grinder healthy then it will serve you more than 10 years with its full effect.

But in case you are wondering that maybe the task is going to be difficult then let me clear the air.

All the ingredients you are going to use are in your kitchen, and the procedures will take less than half an hour.

I can feel your excitement now. Then let’s get started with the guide, without wasting time.

How To Give Your Grinder A Long Life?

From using to storing your grinder, in each step, you need to follow some precautions that will eventually lead your grinder to a long healthy life.

First Start With The Usage Precautions:

What you need to do: Before using the grinder, most of the users clean it with plain water, though plain water is not enough. You always need to sterilize your grinder before each use.

Benefits: Any germ or bacteria that can damage your food or the grinder will be removed completely.

Results: Durable Meat grinder and healthy food.

Sterilization Process For Meat Grinder: This is the simplest process of sterilizing your meat grinder.

Follow the steps.

  1. Disassemble the meat grinder by removing the attaching screws.
  2. Separate the metals parts that will touch your food.
  3. Fill up a deep pan with normal water.
  4. Submerge the parts into the water.
  5. Cover the pan with a lid.
  6. Put it in a gas oven.
  7. Let it boil for 15 minutes.
  8. Then cool it in the room temperature.
  9. Immediately use it.

After Usage Precautions:

What you need to do:  After using the grinder you need to wash it carefully. The cleaning procedure needs some precautions.

Benefit: Safe from unpleasant substances.

Results: Clean and highly durable product.

Cleaning Procedure: Cleaning is safe and easy if you use your hands without a dishwasher. Also, avoid the dishwasher in case your grinder is made of cast-iron or aluminum as they will form a chemical reaction.

Follow the below steps for cleaning:

  1. Disassemble your grinder at first.
  2. Then put the parts under a running tap and wash the excess meat.
  3. Now use a bowl of lukewarm water and mix detergent in it.
  4. Take a cotton cloth or a mild scrubber and clean the grinder.
  5. Wash it properly with Luke warm water.
  6. Dab the grinder with a dry towel and soak the excess water.
  7. Do not dry it in room temperature.

Finally Maintaining Precautions While Not In Use:

What you need to do: In case you are not sure when again you are going to need your grinder then what you need is to store the product very carefully.

Benefits: Safe from damage and corrosion.

Results: Increased longevity and maintained efficiency.

Storing Procedure: To give your grinder a long life each time after using and cleaning it, you need to store it properly, as improper storing can lead the grinder to catch rusts.

Follow the below steps for storing:

  1. After cleaning the grinder no need of assembling the product.
  2. Take the parts separately and pack them in a zip-top bag.
  3. All the metal parts should be kept separately.
  4. Now put all the bags in a plastic container.
  5. Take a handful of rice and put it in the container.
  6. Now close the container tightly so that the parts do not come into contact with the air.
  7. The rice will soak the moisture from the inside and keep the grinder safe from corrosion.

Wrap Up: Longevity must be the main feature of your grinder. So, before buying one, you should always read its review to make out the durability power of your grinder.

 In case you are not sure about your grinder’s durability power and want to make your grinder a long time companion, then all you need to do is to exercise the above precautions. These simple steps have enough ability to keep your grinder as it was in the first place when you bought it.