Best Meat Grinder

Best Meat Grinder

Do you know the first meat grinder was like the size of your washing machine?

Yeah! It was. Though things have changed and now the best meat grinder like LEM W780A comes in a friendly size. But that is not only the criteria anymore before buying one.

Meat grinders have always been the most sought-after appliances in our kitchens as we don’t get easily satisfied with one variety of meat rather we want chopped, smashed, smoked, grilled, barbecued and what not.

For the sake of good taste, we turned to packed and processed meat which is really hazardous for health. We usually give the excuse of time, that takes to process or grind meat.

But ask yourself, ‘is not the time worth your health?

Instead of becoming a victim of such deadly diseases switched to a good health habit and buy a top rated meat grinder. In case you are asking, ‘Where can I buy meat grinder?’ then you are in the correct place.

I am going to tell you the best hacks of finding the best meat grinder within your budget. No matter what your grinding choices are these hacks will surely blow your mind.

A Brief History Of Meat Grinder:

You will be surprised to know that the first meat grinder is invented in the 19th century and the inventor was a German revolutionist and a politician.

The mighty saver of us was Karl Friedrich Christian Ludwig Freiherr Drais von Sauerbronn, also known as Karl Drais.

So, how a revolutionist and politician got his hand in inventing a meat grinder? God Knows.

Though he was also the inventor of the 25-key typewriter and the running machine. May be he had the bug of invention!

After his invention, there were other interested and talented individuals with the same bug started to develop the meat grinder as better as possible.

Thanks to them! Now the new versions of the meat grinders have so many improved features which make the grinding a piece of cake.

What To Look For Before Buying A Meat Grinder:

Before buying a meat grinder ask yourself the 3 basic questions. The answers will help you selecting the best meat grinder for the money.

1) What will be yours grinder’s size?

Determining the size is important. There are many varieties of size available in the market but you have to ask yourself for what purpose you want your meat grinder.

If you want to grind a huge batch of meat every now and then for your gatherings or your big sized family or your beloved pets then you should go for bigger and powerful devices.

If you are looking for a grinder that will grind up some burgers or meatballs for you or your guest, occasionally then you should buy a meat grinder of smaller size

2) How frequently you are going to use it?

A household meat grinder can be used occasionally or frequently, but less frequent than the grinders that are used for commercial purpose. So according to your need you have to select the grinder.

If you are going to use your grinder once in a while then you need a small inexpensive hand crank meat grinder. Or if you have a kitchen aid stand mixer then you can attach the best meat grinder  attachment with it.

But if you are going to use it every day for grinding a large quantity of meat then you need an expensive heavy duty meat grinder.

3) How much do you want to grind?

If you are planning to grind the meat of your big game, then certainly it is a huge quantity.

For that, you cannot buy a hand meat grinder. Because it will take a huge effort to grind such amount of meat.

All you have to the best meat grinder. It will grind your meat effortlessly within a fraction of the time.

But if you are planning to grind some sausage for your kids then you can buy a manual meat grinder or an electric sausage stuffer according to your choice.

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Different Kinds Of Meat Grinder:

You will find several model of the best meat grinders in the market but basically on the basis of mechanism they are of two types. Read our meat grinder comparison below and decide which one to buy.

1) Manual Meat Grinder:

The first grinder that was invented by Karl Daris was a manual hand cranked meat grinder. Manual meat grinders are mainly used for household purposes.

As these grinders need physical effort to grind meat people generally use it for grinding small amount of meat.

But these grinders are very affordable and suitable for those who want to grind meat occasionally. Big game hunters will not at all find it adequate.

  • Manual meat grinder or hand crank meat grinder is inexpensive small and easy to use.
  • You can grind a smaller amount of meat at once. The bolt-down meat grinders are heavy and sturdier in nature than the clamp-down meat grinders.
  • No electric motors are attached with them, so no risk of overheating or overloading will be faced. Also no electricity consumption.
  • If you have a good wooden top table to keep the grinder then you can opt for bolt-down ones otherwise, you can buy clamp-down.
  • They are less expensive though not cost-effective in terms of longevity also hand crank grinder needs manual effort to grind the meat.

2) Electric Meat Grinder:

These grinders have electric motors attached and these are the evolved form of hand meat grinders. A horsepower of 1/3 is enough to grind the meat from big game hunting. Certainly these grinders are very useful for hunters, businessmen, and food joints.

Many leading companies usually attach pre-cooled and lubricated motor with the grinders and also a safety circuit which can avoid any case of overheating. These grinders undoubtedly grind without clogging.

  • Needs no or less efforts at all.
  • Useful for butchers for large volume.
  • A must buy product for the big game hunters who want to grind their meat at home.
  • Also, the pet owners can grind meat along with small bones in a larger quantity everyday through these grinders.
  • Additional option to add sausage stuffers and other attachments.
  • These grinders also have certain limitations. First of all, it is expensive and not suitable for people who are looking for occasional grinding. Though if you have the budget you can always buy one.
  • Can take up a bit of space on your kitchen counter.

The best thing that you are getting by owning a meat grinder is a safe healthy food without contamination. The processed food are highly injurious to health.

Instead of buying packed meat from the supermarket invest in a top meat grinder and switch to a healthy life.

15 Best Meat Grinder Reviews- 2022 Top Picks

1) LEM W780A .75 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

LEM Products W780A

The grinder shows the combination of strength, speed, durability and a super sleek modern design. It is one of the best meat grinder of 2017.


  1. LEM .75 is a 47-pound heavy duty and good meat grinder. You can feel the heavy built everywhere while touching it.
  2. A high quality sanitary  steel body that keeps the grinder away from dirt and rusts which also makes it a good kitchen companion.
  3. The stainless steel body looks so sleek and modern that it will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. A perfect friend for your modular kitchen will make all your guests jealous of its well built.
  4. The gears of the grinder are made of solid stainless steel, not like the other gears of cheap electric grinders that are made of plastic.
  5. The Meat tray has the adequate size of 11.5″ x 8.5″ x 2.25″ and accessories that are included: 3 stuffing tubes of 3/8″, 3/4″, 1 1/4″ respectively, ‘Big Bite’ auger, a knife made of steel, 3 steel plates i.e.; Stuffing, fine (3/16″) and Coarse (3/8″), and a meat stomper.
  6. It is a very tough model which comes with a 2-year warranty on labor and parts.
  7. It also comes with a sausage attachment. If you attach that one, then you can get an endless grinding option in one machine.


The .75 HP LEM well built and top meat grinder combines both the work of a commercial meat grinder and a kitchen meat grinder.

The 3 blades that come with this grinder are made of solid steel which results in the proper grinding of the meat than the cheap grinders that need to run over and over again to get the perfect ground meat.

It uses a powerful motor that helps in grinding a large amount of meat at once. You can easily grind 300 pounds of meat in an hour. It is one of the best meat grinders for deer.

So accidentally if you threw a piece of bone in the meat, it will grind it too without making a single noise.

The Big Bite auger grind your meat adequately and also no need to worry about clogging or overheating the grinder. The heavy built grinder will keep you away from any headache of repairing.

Another thing is no need of pushing the meat manually into the hopper. You can just sit, relax and leave the meat grinding work to it.

This device was selected as the top meat grinder by our editor due to the balance it provides for a regular user. The device is a bit more powerful than the average home owned meat grinder, has stability and will last a long time due to the rustproof steel design.
Why not go ahead and check a few snaps and reviews from the daily user of the device.


This heavyweight electric grinder with sanitary high steel body is undoubtedly a very long companion in your household.

You can grind a large amount of meat and do not have to worry if it is going to overheat like your other cheap grinders and you have to throw them away.

It is absolutely a dependable grinder which can be used for commercial purpose and also for a household purpose.

Easiness of use:

The grinder is very easy to use. No need to pre-freeze your meat or trim it. Just cut it in pieces that can fit into the hopper and start the grinder. Also, you don’t have to push the meat through the hopper to the body.

As the grinder is easy to open, you can wash every part with warm water and soap. Though it is not dishwasher friendly.

  • 3 blades made of solid steel.
  • A very powerful motor which can grind up to 300 pounds per hour.
  • The Big Bite Technology Auger which will consume a large quantity of meat at a time.
  • Heavy built body with rustfree steel
  • No need of pre-freezing your meat.
  • The 47 pound makes it heavy to move .
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • A bit pricey but gives value for money.

Last Verdict:

Keeping the cons in mind I can only say if you are not moving it frequently then it will be a value for money meat grinder for you. Every household demands an electric grinder with the combination of speed, durability, hi-tech look and stability.

2) LEM 1 HP – Best Meat Grinder For Deer

LEM 22 Lb 1 HP

The 1 HP Meat grinder will be the best buying decision for those who want to grind a large amount of meat frequently.

It has one of the best looks that a meat grinder can possibly have. One can easily fit it into his stylish kitchen or in his meat shop. The heavy built of the product makes it a durable one and one of the best rated meat grinder.


  1. The first feature that is worth mentioning is the heavy built of the grinder. It is a super strong grinder made of hi quality steel, which keeps it away from any kind of contamination. Just by looking at the product you will feel its strength and power.
  2. The motor is of 1 HP which will help you to grind a large portion of meats and bones also.
  3. The size of the grinder is #22. You can easily imagine how much meat you can grind at one with ease.
  4. The meat tray is square in size and with a dimension of 15.5″ x 11″ x 3″.

      Below accessories will come with this best meat grinder:

  1. The Big Bite technology Auger.
  2. Meat Stomper.
  3. A sharp knife made of stainless steel.
  4. 3 steel plates.
  5. Stuffing knife.
  6. 3/16″ of Fine knife.
  7. 3/8″ of Coarse knife.
  8. 3/8″, 3/4″ and 1 1/4″ of 3 stuffing tubes.
  9. All the gears are made of metals with roller bearings.
  10. The weight of the grinder is 63 pounds and the handle on the upper side makes it easy to move.
  11. The manufacturer is giving 2 years warranty for all the parts and labor, which is the best in the industry.


The 1 HP Meat Grinder by LEM is manufactured for grinding large chunks of meat at minimum time frame which will give you both the leverage of using it in the household or for business purpose.

1 HP ensures the motor to run fast and efficiently so no need to worry about clogging or overheating your motor. It is made for handling such pressure.

The sharp steel knives will chop and smash everything you put in it without making a single noise. The gears are also made of steel so no need to worry about breaking them.

The big bite technology Auger is the one that makes the whole grinding process more fast and easy.

Just sit and relax after putting the meat in the tray. Your grinder will grind the meat according to your choices; fine, medium or coarse.

This device because of its power, is very much suitable for big game hunters, for regular heavy users, butchers and restaurants.


There is no doubt that the whole product is the combination of strength, speed, super sleek look and durability.

The well-built body which is made of rust-proof steel keeps the product away from decaying.

The blades, knives, gears all are made of strong metal so if you are accidentally grinding a bone in this grinder then relax, it will manage everything by itself.

Easiness of use:

The instructions are written in the book that will come handy with this product. If you are grinding meat for the first don’t worry the process is very easy.

Just put the pieces of your meat on the meat tray then switch on the grinder and start dropping them in the hole. That’s it.

That’s all you have to do and the rest will be done by your grinder. One can easily grind 60 lbs of meat in a maximum period of 1 hour.

The cleaning process is also easy. Just disassemble them and wash them using warm water and soap. Keep away from the dishwasher.

  • Heavy built body made of stainless steel. Powerful motor.
  • The grinder can grind up to 60 lbs of meat per hour.
  • The auger is of Big Bite Technology which enables the grinder to grind faster
  • The 2 years warranty.
  • Over powered for small families.
  • Not dishwasher friendly.

Final verdict:

If you are,

  • grinding a large amount of meat every day for your pets.
  • or you hunt a lot and want to grind the game meat.
  •  and want a discount meat grinder
  • Also you want to make a huge amount of hamburger for your family and freeze them,

then this LEM product 1 HP Meat Grinder will be absolutely suitable for you.

It will not only give you fast and easy grinding but also a long period of durability.

 3) Weston Meat Grinder 1/2 HP– Top Commercial Grinder

Weston Meat Grinder 1/2 HP

The Weston No.8 Commercial Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer is the best cheap meat grinder for commercial purpose.

Though if you are passionate about hunting and want to grind the meat then this grinder with electric sausage stuffer will be the best fit for you.


  1.  The worth mentioning feature of the product is the grinding tray that is extra large and also of heavy steel that will give you the facility to handle a large amount of meat.
  2. The motor is of ½ HP which is 350 watt and it is permanently lubricated and air cooled that keeps the motor from overheating.
  3. There are 2 grinding plates available made of steel for fine, medium and coarse grinding. The coarse is of 7mm and medium is of 4.5 mm.
  4. A stainless steel sharp cutting knife is included.
  5. 20mm, 30 mm and 40 mm of 3 sausage stuffing tubes are available with this product. You can choose according to your needs.
  6. The gears are all made of strong metals.
  7. The design of the head is offset which allows maximum flow of meat and has a locking knob that keeps it intact in the place.
  8. The design of the grinder is compact which helps in carrying and also to store.
  9. The product is eligible for 30 days replacement guarantee if any damage is found.
  10. Warranty period can be availed if you register the product with the Weston Website.


With 350 watts of motor power, this commercial grinder will grind up wild as well as domestic meat with high speed and efficiency.

Its performance makes it one of the best meat grinders for any businessmen or a hunter family.

The sharp steel cutting knife, grinding plates and sausage stuffing tubes will give you the perfect combination of ground meat.

The solid metal gears will make the whole grinding procedure smooth than other cheap meat grinders.  

While grinding a large quantity of wild meat you may worry about clogging or overheating the motor, but don’t because it is already lubricated and air cooled. Just put your meat and small bones and start the grinder.

Have I told you the best part yet?

It will not at all slow down while using for an extended period.

Weston is a popular name in the meat industry and several restaurants and food joints use this device in their kitchen for some fresh grounded meat. This device is really the pro grade and serves the middle grounds for pro users and regular users.


Needless to mention with the compact design of the grinder and solid stainless steel body it will be a long time companion of your kitchen or meat shop.

The parts are all made of solid metal, so need not worry about breaking any of them while grinding.

The high quality steel keeps the grinder away from rusts. Also, the permanently lubricated and air cooled motor is safe from overheating and makes the whole product durable for a longer period.

Easiness of use:

Absolutely easy to use with on/off switch. The cleaning process is also easy. There is so don’t wait up and check the meat grinder price.

  • An extra large grinding tray of stainless steel.
  • The 350 watt motor is permanently lubricated and air cooled, so no over heating.
  • All the gears are made of strong metal, so even bones can be grounded.
  • The offset design of the head allows the maximum flow of the meat.
  • The stainless steel body hence rust proof.
  • Dismantling the head at the time of cleaning can take some effort.

Last verdict:

I will always recommend this grinder to them who want to grind meat in a huge amount and that also in a little period of time.

It can grind up to 18 lbs per minute. So whether it is a get-together in your house or you have recently hunted a wild animal, you will always be in need of this durable grinder.

4) Waring Pro MG855 Professional Home Meat Grinder Reviews

Waring Pro MG855

The Waring Pro MG855 professional meat grinder has a very attractive body and it is adequately functional too if you like to make various chicken recipes at home.

This Die-Cast Metal Housing meat grinder is a reliable appliance which will surely add value to your kitchen.


  1. Apart from the attractive look, it is a heavy duty grinder with 350 peak watts motor.
  2. The hopper is larger than usual and made of die-cast aluminum.
  3. Perfect for an average family.
  4. Solid build body.
  5. Easy to use.
  6. Comes with different sized cutting plates- Fine, coarse and medium.
  7. Easy onoff switch and a reverse function.
  8. 2 sausage attachments- thin and large.
  9. Only 12.8 pounds weight which let you carry it or move it easily.


It is one of the best meat grinder sausage stuffer which has a very powerful motor that will never clog or overheat.

The heavy built body keeps the grinder meat machine in the same position while it is on. The easy on-off switch helps you to start and shut it.

A reverse function is also available. The hopper is larger than usual which allows you to put a high amount of raw or cooked meat which avoids the headache of grinding your meat in more batches.

The 3 different sized cutting blades give you the leverage to grind your meat in any form you want. There are also two sausage attachments available; thin and fat. You can grind according to your requirements.

This device is the easiest to use with just a on/off button, however expect only professional grade grind from the device. The device is a bit small in size however has some good user review.


The 12.8 pounds of Waring Pro meat grinder is a well built and reliable grinder. The powerful motor gives the grinder chance to grind a huge amount of meat at once. Sturdily built and compact design helps it to store it easily.

The speed of this best meat grinder in the industry will keep you amazed even after 1 year.

Easiness of use:

As the hopper is larger than usual you can put as many as meat you want to grind.

This heavy meat grinder has very simple features which can easily be used by anyone. Reverse function will help you in grinding your hard meats again.

The parts are easy to assemble and easy to disassemble too. So you can clean with your hands with minimum effort.

Just don’t forget to oil the parts after cleaning and drying it will keep them away from rusts.

  • The body of the grinder is made of die-cast metal which makes it damage proof.
  • 350 peak watts of motor which means this grinder provides efficient grinding.
  • Reverse switch is available if you want to grind your meat twice.
  • Three different cutting plates are available-fine, coarse and medium.The grinder is only of 12.8
  • The grinder is only of 12.8 pound which means it can be easily moved.
  • Internal wears are made of plastic soat. it can break if you mistakenly put a bone in your meat.
  • And some parts are not stainless steel .

Last Verdict:

It is pocket-friendly easy to carry and an attractive meat grinder for your kitchen. If you can clean and use it properly then you must buy it. On the basis of the performance and longevity, it is always ahead of its competitors in same category.

5) LEM Products W777 Big Bite Grinder – Perfect Meat Processing Equipment For Home

LEM Products W777 Big Bite Grinder

The LEM Products W777 #5 LEM .25 HP Big Bite grinder is a quality product.

 The whole product is well manufactured and well engineered. Even after grinding 15 lbs meat the body of the grinder hardly gets heated. This frozen meat grinder can be used both for household and commercial purpose.


  1. .25 HP motor that is 180 watts motor power
  2. The product is ETL certified.
  3. Big Bite Auger.
  4. The induction motor has a start and runs capacitor of 3 amps.
  5. The motor has also a built in circuit breaker for safety purpose.
  6. The frequency for the 110V motor is 60HZ.
  7. There is a 1-5/8″ sized hole in the head where the pan is inserted.
  8. All the gears are made of solid steel.
  9. All the parts are made of rust-free steel and a heavy duty handle is inserted to move the grinder easily.
  10. The accessories include three stuffing tubes of 3/8″, 3/4″, 1″
  11. Stainless steel fine plate of 3/16″ – 4.5mm;
  12. Meat stomper;
  13. Staffing plate made of stainless steel;
  14. Sharp Stainless steel knife;
  15. Large metal meat tray;
  16. 3/8″ – 10mm of Coarse plate.
  17. 2 years warranty on all parts and labor from the manufacturer.


180 watts of motor power makes the grinder a perfect appliance to grind meet for household purpose. You can frequently grind small to a large amount of meat every day.

The built-in circuit breaker keeps the motor safe from overheating. The speed and strength it shows in the fast and easy grinding of meat is unmatchable to any of your similar priced grinder.


The product is made of quality steel so it avoids any kind of corrosion. Also, the solid metal keeps all the parts unbreakable and damages free from grinding. So overall it has a greater longevity than other grinder meat machines.

This LEM device uses the Big Bite technology which ensures you get a perfect grounded meat. And the best thing is the grinder can be used for both household and commercial purposes. You can have a look to few more reviews from the daily users below View The Product Now

Easiness of use:

The machine has an agreeable size and a weight of 32 pounds, which is not that heavy. You can easily move it. The cleaning process is also easy.

After grinding you can easily use a bottle brush in the grinder, and if you soak them, the meat pieces will easily fallout from the holes of the plate.

  • Perfect for large families as it can grind a minimum of 15 lbs meat per hour.
  • The Auger is of Big Bite which means faster grinding.
  • Protection through extra circuit against overheating or overloading
  • The gears are made of metal so it will hardly break while grinding.
  • All the parts are made of stainless steel hence mo rusting.
  • The stomper is made of plastic.
  • Some might feel it to be a bit underpowered if they have too heavy use in their home.

Last verdict:

As the stomper is made of plastic, it can stick in the auger while pushing the meat. So if you take care of the stomper while grinding then it will be a perfect companion for you.

6) STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce Patented Air Cooled Meat Ground Machine


The STX International 3000 Megaforce Meat Grinder will be one of the best meat grinders you can consider to buy. Let’s have a look on its features.


  1. Patented air induction cooling system which ensures the longevity of the motor.
  2. 2-inch diameter feed tube.
  3. Three speeds and a circuit breaker for your safety purpose.
  4. 3000 watts of a motor.
  5. With a grinder size of 12.
  6. The diameter of 2 1/2 inch output for ground meat.
  7. 3 cutting blades made of stainless steel.
  8. A beaner plate is also available.
  9. 3 grinding plates made of stainless steel.
  10. Kubbe and three set of sausage tubes attachment
  11. 100% fix or replace guarantee, labor, and parts for 1 year


The STX international 3000 MF Meat Grinder is basically suitable for large families, or hunters, or commercial purpose who want to grind meat in a huge amount.

The heavy built included with steel and cast-aluminum gives the high performance while grinding meat. The 300 watts of motor helps you in grinding both meat and bones.

Another feature is the air cooling system which keeps the motor safe from overheating and it helps in longevity also.

You can easily fit your meats through the 2” diameters of feeding tube and grind the meat with the help of 3 types of steel cutting blades.

Three speeds are included to choose from and 3 grinding plates available of tempered steel. A circuit breaker is also there to prevent motor overload. It is a perfect combination of highly desired features and safety. STX 3000 Megaforce uses the Patented Turbo Air Cooling feature, which enables the device to be used for a long period of time and for heavy purposes.


Needless to say with the sturdy built from rustproof steel and cast aluminum  meat grinder will become a long time companion in your kitchen.

Whether the meat from your game or a huge amount of meat for your party you have to grind, this semi-automatic grinder from STX will be your all time favorite.

Absolutely reliable and easy to use STX 300 MF with air cooling technology surely is a good meat grinder for your home or commercial setting.

Easiness of Use:

With the grinder size of 12, you can use this grinder to grind a large amount of meat. 3 cutting blades are given to choose one according to your requirements. 300 watt of a motor with air cooling system makes the whole kit very easy to use.

Effortless dissembling of the grinder will make you a pro in cleaning. Just use warm water and a cloth to clean your grinder. You can use liquid soap or bleach to clean it.

Keep it away from the dishwasher.

  • Can process huge volume of meat; upto 15lbs/hr
  • The Auger is of Big Bite technology.
  • Overheating Prevention Circuit
  • The gears are made of metal so it will hardly break while grinding.
  • The stomper is made of plastic

Final Verdict:

Earlier I told you this grinder powered by  motor is absolutely suitable for those who want to grind a huge chunk of meat per day. So, if you have a large family or if are in hunting activities then it is a must buy for your meat grinding purpose.

And the cost is nothing in respect of the service it will provide you, and you can take my word for it.

7) STX INTERNATIONAL STX-1800-MG Magnum Patented Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder and Tomato Juicer


The STX international 1800 MG Magnum patented Air cooled Top Meat Grinder is perfect for those who want a fast and versatile meat mill. It can grind meat and chicken bones easily if you want to prepare your pet food at home.


  1. The patented air cooling system of the motor gives it longevity.
  2. 1800 watts of peak output power.
  3. 600 watts is the normal power with no loads.
  4. At the time of grinding process, the power will be within 800-1200 watts.
  5. The size of the grinder is 12 so you can easily put a large amount of meat in the grinding head. The grinding head is made of polished cast aluminum.
  6. A circuit breaker is there to prevent the motor from overheating.
  7. 2” of a feeding tube where you can drop a large amount of meat at a time.
  8. 2 ½” diameter of output tube which gives you a large quantity of ground meat.
  9. You can choose 3 speeds according to your needs.
  10. 3 grinding plates made of tempered steel; Coarse, medium and fine.
  11. 3 cutting blades made of steel, 3 sausage tubes (3/4”, 5/8” and 1/2”), and Kubbe attachment is included with the product.
  12. The meat pan is larger than usual so you can put a large amount of meat.
  13. Tomato juicer is attached with it.


The grinder is absolutely designed for giving a fast, efficient and proper grinding of the meat. The heavy built body keeps it in the place while grinding the huge amount of meat.

Among the 3 grinding plates, coarse will give you fastest grinding. The circuit breaker, motor cooling system all are included with this product to give the buyer his desired performance of the grinder.STX 1800 is a bit lowered down version of the STX 3000 for those who does not need such a huge volume of meat processing power. Have a look on few more reviews here.
View The Product Now


Some parts of the product are made of stainless steel and the grinding head is made of cast aluminum which protects it from any corrosion. On the other hand the extra features like cooling system, circuit breaker are added to longer the motors durability.

The sturdily made body is also not easily damageable.

Easiness of use:

3 speeds are available to choose according to your grinding task, which makes the grinding process easy. Also the sharp plates, and knives give a finely ground meat in such a less time that you can grind a whole deer in about an hour.

The cleaning process is also easy, as you can disassemble the product effortlessly. Though it is not at all dishwasher friendly.

  • Three speeds are available with the 300 watts of motor and a circuit breaker is included for safety.
  • Patented air induction cooling gives the motor a long life.
  • Kubbe and 3 set of sausage tubes attachment comes bundled.
  • 100% replacement guarantee, labor and parts for 1 year from the manufacturer.
  • Stainless steel body which will protect the grinder from rusts.
  • Not so cost effective for families who have an average number of members.
  • A plastic ring is there in the grinder to attach the grinder tube which might need to be replaced after few years.

Final verdict:

 Overall you will be amazed by the performance and durability of the product. So it will be a cost-effective appliance for you despite the issue of the plastic ring.

8) STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder Review

 STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce Meat Grinder

STX International 3000 turbo force best meat grinder is best fitted for grinding the meat from your game. It grinds a lot of meat at a time very efficiently with an adequate amount of time. it can be used for commercial purpose also.


  1. 3000 watts of a motor which gives you the best peak output power to grind your meat and bones properly.
  2. There are 3-speed buttons are available i.e.; High, Low, and Reverse.
  3. The grinder size is 12 and 2 ½ inches of output for the ground meat to come out.
  4. A circuit breaker is there to avoid overheating the motor.
  5. The feed tube is of 2-inch diameter.
  6. There are 3-Cutting blades made of stainless steel.
  7. Set of Sausage tubes.
  8. Grinding plates of tempered steel and also a Kubbe attachment.
  9. A 1-year fix or replacement guarantee on all parts and labor.


The 3000-watt turbo

force meat grinder shows performance while grinding a huge quantity of meat and bones.

You can run the grinder in any speed according to your choice and also in reverse for fine grinding.

The three sets of tempered steel grinding plates give you the choice to select the quality of your ground meat; fine, medium or coarse.

The circuit breaker is also there for your safety.

The best thing of the grinder is, it takes very little time and makes no sound while grinding.

STX 3000 TF is a perfect choice if you prefer grinding bones along with meat. This machine has the power to literally chew anything edible, you throw at it. View The Product Now


The heavily built body and 3000 watts turbo force motor make the grinder not only durable but also reliable. The stainless steel parts and cast aluminum body make it safe from any contamination.

You can easily use it frequently for grinding meat and that is also of a large amount and you will be shocked that despite the number of usages it will remain same for years.

Easiness of use:

It can easily be used like your other table top best meat grinder. It takes a very little space and reasonably light to carry it in your kitchen from one place to other.

As the feeding tube is wide you can insert a large quantity of cooked or raw meat and also the output is wide. The motor is powerful so it is very fast at grinding.

The parts can be easily disassembled and assembled too. Don’t wash it in a dishwasher. Instead use warm water and a cloth with limited drops of liquid soap.

You can also use the slightest amount of bleach but I will recommend you to avoid it.

  • Three speed buttons available- High, Low and reverse for better grinding of the meat.
  • Circuit breaker is available to avoid clogging or overheating of the motor.
  • The feeding tube is of 2 inches in size which means you can feed a large quantity of meat at once.
  • The output is 2 and half inch that also ensures getting ground meat in high amount.
  • 1 year fix or replacement guarantee on all the parts and labor is assured by the manufacturer.
  • The only con is, it is not at all dishwasher friendly. But if you think in a broad view none of the devices are.

Last Verdict:

It is a bit expensive but if you think in the relative of its durability and performance then I will obviously recommend you to buy it.

This meat shredder machine can incredibly grind the whole meat of your game with the bones in a minimum period of time.

Or if you are arranging a get-together and want to serve recipes of meat made at home, then this grinder will be a great help to you.

9) Waring MG105 Best Countertop Meat Grinder

Waring MG105 

Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder is capable of grinding a huge chunk of meats and that’s why capable for large families.


  1. The motor is heavy duty and 500 watts powered, which has the ability to grind hard meat very fast and easily.
  2. The attractive look of the grinder is because of the brushed stainless steel which makes it the best suit for kitchens.
  3. There is onoff and reverse switch facility available.
  4. Fine, medium, coarse cutting plates.
  5. Two sausage attachments are available with this best meat grinder and a product manual.


The heavy duty motor with a power of 500 watts gives you the leverage of fastest grinding. Also, the reverse function enables you to again grind the meat if you want it more ground.

This device is perfect for small kitchens which need good power from time to time. If you are looking for a mid range category you should definitely check out this device once View The Product Now


 The product is durable because of the stainless steel body and die-cast hopper with the heavy built feature.

Easiness of use:

With the availability of 3 cutting plates, you can easily select the type of your ground meat. No complex function is inserted only on-off and reverse switch.

Cleaning is easy with hands. Don’t use the dishwasher to clean it.

  • The grinder has a heavy duty motor of 500 watts which can grind hard meat faster and easily.
  • The super sleek look makes the grinder the best fit for households settings.
  • The grinder has a simple process of using with the on/off switch also the reverse switch gives a proper grinding.
  • Three types of cutting plates are available you can choose according to your need.
  • Two sausage attachments make the product a complete food processing equipment.
  • Internal gears are made of plastic, not metal.

Last verdict:

For family use, the grinder comes with a good speed and durability. The price is also reasonable. The size of the grinder is only 8.7 pounds which can easily be carried or remove from one place to another.

10) Sunmile SM-G73 ETL Steel #8  Meat Grinder

Sunmile SM-G73 ETL Steel Meat Grinder

The Sunmile SM-G73 ETL rustproof Steel #8 Meat Grinder is an excellent product which will be a value for money.

 I bet you will be stunted by its smart look which will force you to keep it in your kitchen.


  1. The power of the motor is from 600 Watts to the maximum of 100 watts.
  2. The operation buttons are very large and made for easy handling.
  3. The reverse function is available.
  4. There is an inbuilt circuit breaker that prevents the motor from overheating or overloading.
  5. The grinder has large gears.
  6. It can grind your meat with zero sound pollution.
  7. It has a large sized tray to hold up and adequate amount of meat.
  8. Accessories include
  9. One cutting blade
  10. One plastic food pusher
  11. Three cutting plates
  12. Three sausage attachments
  13. One kubbe attachment


It can grind around 185 pounds of meat per hour without affecting the motor and with no sound.

The reverse switch enables the meat to grind it in multi directions. Also, the inbuilt circuit breaker ensures a good performance of the motor.

This device produces almost zero sound pollution, and if you are a sausage love you will love the device View The Product Now


If used with proper care and maintaining the directions it will be a long durable product because of its steel body parts.

Easiness of use:

It has an accumulation of simple features which facilitates the easiness of use of this meat shreeder. The person who is grinding meat for the first time can easily use the grinder with the help of the manual.

You can clean it with warm water and a mild detergent. The product can be effortlessly disassembled.

  • The motor power ranges from 600 watts to 100 watts which gives better grinding.
  • The reverse function is included in the grinder so that you can grind your meat twice if you need to.
  • The inbuilt circuit breaker gives you protection from overloading or overheating.
  • The large gears of the grinder make the grinding process fast and smooth.
  • The large sized tray of the grinder can hold an adequate amount of meat while grinding.
  • A bit of compromise on the quality because of the price.

Last verdict:

If you want a Cheap Electric meat grinder with an adequate grinding speed you can buy it for your kitchen and stay away from processed meat.

11) Best Choice Products Meat Grinder Electric 2.6 Hp 2000 Watt Industrial Meat Grinder Reviews

Meat Grinder Electric 2.6 Hp
Meat Grinder Electric 2.6 Hp

The semi-auto Best choice Meat Grinder of 2.6 HP is best suited for the industrial purpose.

If you are in need of a grinder that will be of heavy duty and give you a large amount of ground meat per day then this grinder is only made for your needs.


  1. The motor is 110 volts and 2.6 HP which means 2000 watt.
  2. Cast aluminum body makes it look sleek which will both look good in the kitchen or commercial settings.
  3. The hopper is made of cast aluminum and larger than other meat grinders.
  4. Three operating speeds are available; high speed low and reverse. The reverse function enables the grinding of your meat properly.
  5. Fine medium and coarse cutting blades made of rust proof steel are included to give you your desired ground meat.
  6. A meat stomper or food pusher is added to push your meat inside the grinder.
  7. A manual is given with the package to help the buyer to use this product for the first time.
  8. Electronic stop and reset facility is available.
  9. A Kubbe attachment is providing with the product.


 This product is perfectly capable of grinding meat along with bones at a high speed. The 3 speeds of the motor give you the perfect grinding combination. The large size feeding tube helps you in feeding as much as meat you can.

The powerful motor gives you the quality performance which you have never imagined in such inexpensive price.


 The manufacturer has made it with quality material that makes it highly durable. Frequent grinding of a large amount of meat will not at all affect the grinder.

Best Choice Grinder Comes In The Budget Range Devices But Are Better Than Most Other Budget Grinders Available View The Product Now

Easiness of use:

The combination of 3 types of grinding plates and the 3 varied speeds of the motor helps the buyer to grind according to his grinding needs. Also, the cleaning procedure is effortless.

Just use lukewarm water and mild detergent. The speed of the grinder’s motor will make your grinding more easy and efficient.

  • The 2.6 HP motor has 3 operating speeds of High, low and reverse.
  • The cast aluminum body gives the grinder a super sleek look that will suit both in a kitchen and commercial setting.
  • Electronic stop and rest facility has give the grinder a new pros.
  • The three cutting blades made of stainless steel grind all your hard meat adequately.
  • A kubbe attachment is provided with the grinder.

    Last Verdict:

    It is a must buy for both commercial and household purpose. It will adequately grind your pet food or the meat from your game.

    The meat shop owner can use it daily for grinding a large amount of meat. It is a cost effective and durable product.

    12) VonShef Digital Portable Meat Grinder

    VonShef Digital Meat Grinder

    The Vonshef Digital Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Mincer Sausage Maker is a perfect kitchen appliance that will give you a hassle free meat grinding with sausage making facility at affordable prices.


    1. It has a removable grinder head
    2. The power of the motor is 500 Watts with a very low-noise.
    3. The housing is made of stainless steel.
    4. The knife and blade are also made of stainless steel.
    5. Three cutting plates of 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 inches.
    6. Digital display window is available.
    7. A super sleek look that matches with the beauty of your kitchen.


     The 500 watts low sound motor will give you an excellent experience of meat grinding. The grinder has a reverse option which enables you to grind the meat more effectively.

    The spacious meat tray and a wide feeding tube are absolutely adequate for your everyday meat grinding purpose.


    Because of its making up of stainless steel the whole product is highly durable which avoids the product from rusting. Despite making sausage each day it will remain as the same for many years.

    This device is great for small families with less requirement. If your requirement suits that surely check out. View The Product Now

    Easiness of use:

    The grinder is only 11.4 pounds so it is very easy to carry it or replace it in the kitchen.

    The reverse function, spacious feeding tube, large meat tray and 500 watts power of low-noised motor everything is the perfect example of how easy it is to grind meat in this grinder.

    It also has a digital display window which is very easy to read.

    As dismantling is very easy you can clean it smoothly with water and soap. Though after drying, cover the parts with a thin layer of oil to keep it new.

    • The grinder head is removable. So it gives you leverage to clean the grinder easily.
    • The 500 watt power motor makes a little noise while grinding your meat.
    • The housing of the grinder is made of stainless steel that means the grinder is from any damage cause by rust or dust.
    • The digital display window is the real treat.
    • The three different cutting blades- Fine, Medium, Coarse, give you different types of ground meat.
    • Apart from being not so dish washer friendly. This device have no such glaring cons.

    Last verdict:

    If you can consider washing the meat grinder with your hands then this grinder has many benefits to giving you.

    This best meat grinder is the complete package of grinding meat and making sausage. You can get it at a very affordable price.

    The manufacturer has made this for the absolutely household purpose. If you are planning to buy a meat grinder for your kitchen then I will always recommend you this product.

    13) Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Top Rated Meat Grinder At Budget Price

    Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Meat Grinder

    If you are looking for a reasonable meat grinder yet fully functional for all kind of grinding then Sunmile SM G31,1 HP No 5 Meat Grinder will be the best pick.


    1. Heavy duty and attractive body for home use
    2. The 250w power of a motor to give you flawless grinding.
    3. 800W maximum locked power motor.
    4. All the parts; aluminum tube, cutting blade and plates made of stainless steel, screw are detachable.
    5. Accessories include; 1 food pusher made of plastic, 1cutting blade, 3 types of cutting plates and 3 various sausage attachments.
    6. A promised grind per hour, up to 150 lbs.
    7. Onoff switch for easy operation.
    8. ETL Certificated product.
    9. Easily removable weight of 7.9 lbs.


    The 250w power of the motor will give you effortless grinding of a small amount of meat for household purpose. Speed is overall fine and easy to use also. Avoid overheating the motor and put only trimmed pieces of meat.

    A popular device among users who needs to grind meat occasionally. A must check for mid range users View The Product Now


    You can keep this grinder easily for years if used carefully. All the parts are of cast aluminum and rust free steel so no worry of getting rusts.

    Longevity and reliability are good in terms of household use. You can easily grind a small amount of meat every day. It will take less time to do that. Or you can grind a lot of meats in small batches before the party or get-together.

    Easiness of use:

    The absolutely simple way of use this small electric meat grinder is the on-off switch. The meat tray is square in size, so you can easily place the meats and avoid it from falling.

    Moreover, this grinder includes 3 cutting plates so that you can choose the best fit for your grinding. The cleaning procedure is also easy. Easy to remove the grinder because of its light weight and uses a very little space.

    • The 250 watts power motor of the grinder gives you flawless grinding without clogging.
    • All the parts of the grinder aluminum tube, cutting blade and plates made of stainless steel, screw are detachable.
    • The grinder will grind up to 150 lbs.
    • The weight of the grinder is only 7.9 lbs, it means you can easily move the grinder in your kitchen.
    • The product is ETL certified.
    • Not suitable for grinding a large amount of meat.
    • Probably will discolor if washed in the dishwasher.

    Last verdict:

    If you are in need of a small, removable meat grinder for home use, you can surely opt for Sunmile Electric SM-G31 Meat Grinder. It is pocket-friendly and very easy to use. Simple functions of this grinder make it kitchen friendly for average sized families.

    14) Kitchen Basics 3-In-1 Meat Grinder– Best Hand Crank Meat and Food Grinder

    Kitchen Basics 3-In-1 Meat Grinder

    The Kitchen Basics 3-In-1 Meat Grinder and Vegetable Grinder/Mincer with 3 Size Sausage Stuffer, and Pasta Maker is one of the best hand crank meat grinder with a light weight of 2.1 pounds.

    The grinder includes:

    1.   Meat Grinder.

    2.   Vegetable grinder/Mincer

    3.   3 sized Sausage stuffer

    4.   Pasta maker


    1.  It bears one of the top quality ultra-sharp Japanese blade made of stainless steel, that can cut meat smoothly.
    2. 3 flexible Sausage funnels.
    3. It includes an ergonomic handle. If it gets clogged you can reverse turn it.
    4. The pasta maker of this grinder makes 2 types of pasta: Spaghetti and rigatoni.
    5. This includes two plates: fine and coarse and a bowl.


    The stainless blades are super sharp, and the handle is also very flexible. So you have to give less effort to grind the meat. The 3-in-1 facility of this grinder helps you to grind vegetable, stuff sausage and make pasta.

    People who love homemade food, and various meat stuffing recipe then this grinder is perfect for their family.

    This is the second best hand cranked device we found with good performance. If you decide on going with manual grinder or table top meat grinder can always check this device View The Product Now


     This is one of the best manual meat grinders which has a 3-in-1 facility. Manual meat grinders are likely to be more durable than an electric grinding machine

    Because there is no motor facility is involved in hand meat grinder so there is no chance of overheating the machine.

    The grinder will be the best cost-effective grinder as it will not consume any electricity. Also, the HQ steel keeps it away from corrosion.

    Easiness of use:

    This best meat grinder has no complex switches or display system. It just bears a handle that you have to crank for grinding the meat, vegetables and stuffing sausage and making pasta.

    This multi-functional hand crank grinder uses very less space and of light weight.

    The cleaning procedure is also easy.

    First, assemble the parts; handle, lock, knob, base, macaroni knife cover, container, sausage knife cover, front cover, wrench, food box,  blade, fine cut disc plate etc then wash them separately in warm water with mild detergent.

    • The grinder is the best fit for your kitchen at it works like a 3 in 1 food processing equipment.
    • The ergonomic handle never gets easily clogged but if it gets, you can reverse turn it.
    • The pasta maker of the grinder makes two different types of pasta- Spaghetti and rigatoni.
    • It has the top quality ultra-sharp Japanese blade which helps in fast grinding.
    • Two stainless steel plates are given for fine and coarse grinding.
    • As this is a manual meat grinder, the hand cranking may seem tough to some buyers.

    Last Verdict:

    Surely hand crank meat grinders need effort, but if you are in need of the best meat grinder which you are going to use frequently or you want ground meat every day for your small family then you can buy this product.

     It is a very low priced product and also if you are not using the grinding frequently than investing a large amount of money in electric mincer will be not cost effective for you.

    Though with this grinder you will get 2 more features extra that is also a reason to buy this grinder.

    But if you are planning to grind meat of a larger quantity then you must buy a grinder that run on motor.

    15) Weston Manual Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

    Weston Manual Meat Grinder

    With Weston durability and performance come handy and in the case of this #32 sized Manual Tinned Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer, you will not be making a wrong buying choice.

    Though every manual grinder needs an effort to grind meat so naturally this grinder is only effective for grinding comparatively less amount of meat frequently or a large amount of meat occasionally. This is probably the best meat grinder in the manual segment.


    1. The size of the grinder is 10.5 x 13 x 13 inches.
    2. The grinder is of very light weight – 18.4 pounds.
    3. The body is made of cast-iron.
    4. The handle is also durable and ergonomically designed so it can be turned effortlessly.
    5. The size of the mouth of the hopper is 5″ x 6″
    6. The grinder also includes a steel knife.
    7. Two steel plates; fine: 4.5 mm and Coarse 10 mm are added for different grinding choice.
    8. The grinder involves sausage stuffing kit including adapter, spacer & three different sized funnels 14 mm, 19 mm and 24 mm.
    9. The auger bearing is made of Nylon.
    10. This clamp on grinder attaches to any table or counter-top is up to 1.5 inch thick.
    11. The burrs are adjustable for coarse to fine grind control.
    12. Easy to disassemble for cleaning.
    13. The rubber pads are for preventing damage and to protect the delicate work surfaces.
    14. This grinder has a 1 year manufacturing warranty.


    The ergonomically designed handle in this best meat grinder is suitable for moving it effortlessly and the big sized hopper yields a larger quantity of meat.

    The product is durable for its heavy built with cast-iron. You do not have to worry about breaking the parts as they are made of steel. You can put pressure on the handle to grind the meat and it will not clog.

    The fine and coarse grinding plates will give you ground meat according to your requirements. Overall it will be a cost-effective grinder and also the 3 different funnels of the sausage stuffing kit will be very helpful.

    Probably the best manual grinder we found out there. If you have decided on going manual, this is the device View The Product Now


     The cast iron body of the grinder makes it resistant to corrosion and damage and also the parts are of solid steel so they are unbreakable in the case of heavy grinding.

    Hence there is no doubt the product is durable.

    The handle is designed ergonomically so it will not clog if used for a longer period and also hand cranked grinders are durable because of the absence of motor that tends to have overload and over-heating issues.

    Manual grinders last long if they are handled with care.

    Easiness of use:

    You can mount the grinder permanently on a table or counter top or you can use the suction cup feet for temporary mounting. Mounting is necessary as it allows you to put pressure on the handle while grinding.

     Manual meat grinders are always easy to use. After mounting you just have to select the fine or coarse plate for your choice of grinding and then pour the meat through the hopper.

    Moving the handle is also easy as it is perfectly engineered to move it effortlessly without clogging. Then you will get your ground meat in a while.

    As the parts are easy to disassemble the cleaning procedure is very easy. You can wash it with your hands by using warm water and mild soap.

    And the last step is putting a layer of vegetable oil that I always recommend after soaking to make the product durable.

    • This grinder is best suited for grinding less amount of meat or grinding occasionally.
    • The size of this meat grinder is 19.4 pounds which mean the grinder can easily be moved.
    • The cast-iron body is resistant to rusts.
    • The handle is durable, as it is ergonomically designed to move it effortlessly.
    • With the grinder, you can get a sausage stuffing kit including adapter, spacer & three different sized funnels 14 mm, 19 mm and 24 mm.
    • The parts of the grinder are not at all dishwasher friendly and also grinding meat with hand needs lot of effort.

    Last Verdict:

    Weston has taken care of those customers who want to grind meat in smaller quantity and introduced this grinder with the sausage stuffer.

    Those small families are very much satisfied with this product who grind meat around 120 lbs at a time. That is why this product is so popular and gets a place in our top 15 best meat grinder reviews.

    I will obviously recommend this grinder to you if you want to grind meat occasionally.