Best Kitchen Knives

Have you ever imagined what if the Michelin chef Gordon Ramsey changes his best kitchen knives frequently?

Is it possible for a Ninja to fight efficiently if he changes his sword every now and then?

Undoubtedly it will be a disaster.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose the best kitchen knives  for you that must last longer than you have ever anticipated.

Unfortunately many just buy a random knife from the market without judging its potentiality and where they make the biggest mistake. Alternatively if you choose one of the best kitchen knife like Victorinox Swiss Army Bundle Kitchen Knifewhich is crafted in Switzerland, you can be worry free for years.

Once, Gordon Ramsey uploaded a review video of 51 seconds regarding the best chef knife . Though he did not mention any brand, but gave us the basic idea which will largely govern our knife selection.

According to him, all you need in your kitchen to perform the everyday task is the three types of knives. One is a heavy duty chopper for chopping meats, vegetables and  fruits; the second is the paring knife for peeling vegetables and lastly a serrated knife for slicing.

Clearly, if you are planning to buy the best kitchen knives in the worldthis is the high time that you must choose the potential set for you and consider it as the lifetime investment.

But before going to the awesome kitchen knives’ reviews you need to understand the types of knives available in the market and their composition. As without knowing all the crucial details, you will not be able to differentiate the quality of the product.

Though I will be your guide to the top rated kitchen knives, but the actual decider will be you. Therefore read it carefully.

Types Of The Best Kitchen Knives According To Their Composition:

The composition of the sword of a Ninja matters the most. As only the correct amount of composition of the correct metals will make the best sword. Same goes for the best kitchen knives. The correct composition decides the performance intensity. Therefore before choosing a knife, choose the composition.

According to the composition, there are mainly three types of knives available in the market.

High Carbon Steel Knives:

These are the toughest blades available in the market as they are loaded with high carbon and rest part of it is, iron, which is why a high carbon steel knife is largely considered as the best chef knife. The edges of the blades are less likely to bend because of their stiffness. Though carbon steel chef knives do not have chromium to protect them from corrosion, taking a good care of these, will make them highly durable. 

High Carbon Stainless Steel Knives:

These types of knives are manufactured with the composition of carbon chromium and iron. Some manufacturers use 14-16% of chromium and 0.6-0.75% of carbon to make these knives. And others use a comparatively higher amount of carbon with the chromium in their knives. In terms of durability the latter will do less than the first, but in terms of toughness the high carbon, stainless steel knife is the best pick. 

Stainless Steel Knives:

Stainless steel knives are manufactured keeping in mind the busy moms in the kitchen, who get very little time to take care of their kitchen appliances. As all the top of the line kitchen knives, made of stainless steel are added with at least 12% of chromium, their durability is doubtless. So naturally no matter how bad you treat your knife or how longer you submerge it in the sink water, it will hardly get rusted.

Top 15 Best Kitchen Knives Reviews Of 2022:

 Best Carbon Steel Knife Reviews:

 1. Victorinox Swiss Army Bundle Kitchen Knife Steak Knife Set And 7.5 Inch Santoku Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Bundle Kitchen Knife

While choosing a knife set for your kitchen, opting for the high carbon steel has always been the correct decision. Not only because of their edge retention capability but also the patina these knives grow after long use make them more efficient for everyday usage.

That is why the high carbon steel knife set from the Victorinox Swiss Army is the apt kit for your kitchen that includes one hugely rated 7.5 inch Santoku knife and 4 numbers of steak knives with pointed tips and serrated edges.

Accomplishing dicing, slicing, chopping or mincing, anything can be done effortlessly with this knife set that is often recommended by veteran users.

Though this is not all as you can expect well précised cuts from each of the knives because of the light weighted characteristic they have and also frequent sharpening is absolutely unnecessary while you are dealing with a knife made in Switzerland.

If you want more other than these features, then this knife set is absolutely ready to amaze you further with its remarkable razor sharp blades that are manufactured for commercial grade usage so naturally performing heavy duty tasks is even easier than you have anticipated.

Therefore these knives from Victorinox can adequately claim the position of the excellent kitchen knives in the market and the top place in your kitchen tool set. Don’t you agree?

2. Ontario Knife Co. Victorinox Swiss Army Bundle Kitchen Knife 705


 Using the same knife for versatile meat processing? Just don’t.

As the Ontario Knife Co. has brought the most efficient set of 5 knives among which each of them is designed for specialized cutting.

 These 5 pieces of Old Hickory Knife set will make any chef or culinary expert go crazy. All the knives included in the pack will do A to Z cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing work for you.

Each of the knives is made with perfectly heated and tempered 1095 carbon steel which makes them strong and durable.

Absolutely fitted with the most attractive hardwood handles which are secured with brass compression rivets will let you use the knife for a longer period with ease.

The set includes – 8 inches of slicing knife, 4 inches of a paring knife, 6 inches of Boning knife, 7 inches of Butcher’s knife, and 3.25 inch of a paring knife.

These knives are designed for doing heavy duty job, so do not worry about their sharpness as the edges will retain their same condition for a longer period, unlike their stainless steel counterparts.

3. Dexter-Russell V-Lo Victorinox Swiss Army Bundle Kitchen Knife

Dexter-Russell V-Lo Kitchen Knife

It might be the case that you are in search of a knife which will do heavy duty work as well as capable of completing precision cuts like the delicate herbs or sushi. 

If it is the reason you are reading the top kitchen knives reviews then you do not need to read further as you have come across the best carbon steel knife which is capable of both chopping or mincing and cutting delicate vegetables.

This 10 inches of the carbon steel knife is stain free and ensures high retention of edges, so frequent sharpening is not at all needed.

The handle of the knife gives you both comfort and control which will help you to work fast and efficiently. Also, it is easy to clean but need care as the product is not rust-free. So putting a layer of vegetable oil after each wash is necessary to keep it durable for a longer period.

Best Japanese Knives Reviews:

4. Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel 9.5 Inch Knife

Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Knife

Some people are dedicated towards the Japanese knives because of their precision and efficiency. If you are among them then probably this knife from Yoshihiro Shiroko will blow your mind.

I am also a fan of this knife because of its high quality Japanese high carbon steel built. The 9.5 inches of the blade is well equipped with the functionality of cutting meats to vegetables.

But this knife is best for the entry level chefs and housewives as it is not made for heavy duty works that are done by the experts.

However, the flat ground on the front, concave ground with the flat rim on the back, simple and comfortable handle of rosewood, everything is appropriate for those who want a Japanese knife in their stock for medium duty work.

In terms of durability, high carbon steel is little lagged behind because of the absence of chromium in the composition but if taken good care then it will be a great investment for your kitchen.

 5.  Kotobuki Japanese Kitchen Knife Set


These two knives set of carbon steel blade is made in Japan with the handles made of magnolia wood. The magnolia wood is very comfortable to hold and work with, that is why these knives are great for heavy duty task.

If you are wondering that what the best chef knife to use at home is, then you must use these specialized Japanese carbon steel knives. The traditional Japanese shapes used in these knives are the Banno knife and Nakiri knife.

The Banno knife has a curved edge which is perfect for slicing meat and fish, on the other hand, there is the Nakiri knife with a thin rectangular blade for cutting the vegetables which makes them one of the great kitchen knives.

If you are tight on budget and still want the best carbon steel knife then this set of 2 knives will be absolutely beneficial and efficient for your work.

Best High Carbon Stainless Steel Knives 2022 Reviews:

6. Victorinox 3-Piece 3-Piece, Chef’s Set Review

 Victorinox 3-Piece, Chef's Knife Set

This set of 3 best professional chef knives which include, a chef knife (8 inches), a slicer (8 inches) and a utility knife (4-3/4 inch), from the inventors of the famous Swiss Army knife Victorinox is a great choice for the culinary experts.

Though if you are searching for, ‘what are the best kitchen knives?’, then also I will recommend this set of 3 for your household kitchen.

The only reason behind recommending this set is the special tempering process that will keep the edge of the knives highly sustainable. Resharpening again and again even after performing heavy duty task will not be necessary.

Other than that each of the best kitchen knives from this set has conical ground throughout its length and depth to ensure wider break point so that the risk of the breakage and resistance of the blade while cutting tough foods become less.

The best part of each of the three knives is that they are made of rosewood handles which are very comfortable to make the precision grip while cutting at a faster pace. The manufacturer has recommended washing these knives with hands.

If you are looking for the best chef knife for your kitchen then this 3 set of knives are the best choice for your kitchen. They are durable and easy to use.

7. Chicago Cutlery 1119644 Victorinox 3-Piece Block Set

Chicago Cutlery Knife Set

 Are you planning to set up your new kitchen and want to buy the whole set of knives? Then Chicago Cutlery can give you the most affordable set which will not only perform all types of cutting, chopping, dicing job for you but also give you fastest working experience.

This 18 piece knife block set has 3.25 inch of parer knife, 5 inch of utility knife, 3 inch of peeler, 8-4.25 inch of steak knives, 8 inch of slicer, 7.75 inch of the best chef knife, 7 inches of Santoku knife, 7.75 inches of bread knife and 8 inch of stainless sharpening steel.

This knife set has black poly handles which have very comfortable grip. The taper grind edge technology has given each of the knives extra sharp edge with precision cutting quality.

As these knives have a high amount of carbon in them they can be used for heavy duty work and the stainless steel restrict any rust or stain from forming in the knives. So you will need to take care a very little of your kitchen knives.

The best part about these knives is that they all come with full lifetime warranty, so use them for any kitchen work without any hesitation.

8. Wusthof Classic 5 inch Victorinox 3-Piece

Wusthof Classic Knife

 The 5 inch of the Wusthof Classic Serrated Slicing knife, is perfect for those who are in search of a standalone slicer. From meat slicing to vegetable dicing, you can do anything with this best chef knife.

The The high amount of carbon in the stain-proof steel of the knife makes it tough so that it can slice through hard meat and vegetable. The precision edge technology of the knife has made the serrated edges 20% sharper.

The black polyoxymethylene handle with the full tang which is triple riveted to the handle gives precise grip. You can wash the product in the dishwasher or with your hands. No extensive care is needed. Just wash it, soak it and preserve it, that’s it.

9. 8 Inches Of Victorinox 3-Piece Kitchens

 The 8 inches of Carving Knife by the Virginia Boys Kitchens is made in traditional American knife making style. These best kitchen knives are heat-treated and tempered of 4116 grade rust-proof steel composed with high amount of carbon.

8 Inches Of Victorinox 3-Piece Kitchens

No doubt it is one of the best kitchen knives made of increased amount of carbon with rust-proof steel in the market right now. Some of the features it includes are the toughness, durability, fine ground sharpness with a v-shaped cutting edge and ergonomically designed rosewood.

The manufacturer has claimed that the knife is an expert in precision slicing like the sushi chef, hence perfect for both housewives and chefs.

 The users are mostly happy with this knife because of the deal the manufacturers are giving. They have given a 100% money back guarantee if you feel that you are not satisfied with the knife.

So, what are you waiting for still? Go grab the opportunity and buy the knife.

10. Victorinox Swiss Classic 6 Inch Utility Serrated Knife

This 6 inch of the knife from Victorinox Swiss, is made in Switzerland and come with lifetime warranty. If you are in need of a single knife only and want to add it to your kitchen kit then buying this knife will be absolutely appropriate.

Except mincing and peeling, you can do everything with this knife. The ergonomic fibrox handles are non-slippery, so no chance of emergency accidents to occur. From professionals to house-cookers everyone can use this knife for medium duty task.

The knife is completely dishwasher safe, so cleaning is also effortless. The high carbon of the knife will help it to retain its sharpness for a longer period. Clearly, it will be a perfect buy for you in terms of durability and efficiency.

11. Imarku Professional 8 Inch Carbon Stainless Steel Chef’s Knife

Imarku Professional Stainless Steel Chef’s Knife

Imarku has marketed this 8-inch knife of theirs as the professional grade knife and claimed that these knives are suitable for chefs, food caterers and culinary experts but believe me the actual truth is different.

I have used this knife and I can surely tell you that this product is perfect for the kitchen usage also.

The reason is, clear. In kitchens we use a knife very frequently though the amount of meat or vegetables we cut is not as huge as the restaurant chefs but the efficiency we need is equivalent to the professional grade.

In restaurants or in butcher shops, not only the knives are used for a longer period but also for heavy duty tasks, which means this knife from Imarku is capable of performing heavy duty task with great efficiency.

The 8 inch thick blade from Imarku has 16-18% of chromium and 0.6-0.75% of carbon. Chromium makes the blade highly rust-resistant and carbon make the blade harder so that it can cut through the toughest piece of meat easily.

The multi-functionality of the blade will help you to cut, dice, chop, slice and what not. The knife is tough enough to cut through even bones. Also, the handle is ergonomically designed and Pakka material has been used to make the handle which gives the knife easy to hold feature.

If you are planning to buy the best chef knife for the money for your everyday usage, or you need a super sharp knife with low maintenance for occasional cutting of a large amount of meats then go for this knife without any hesitations.

12. Bapdas 8-Inch High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Knife Kitchen Knife

8-Inch High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Knife

 Fancy for a knife that can alone take all the load of your kitchen? Then try this 8 inch knife with high amout of carbon and stain-proof steel from Bapdas which has all the capability of becoming a standalone knife that can perform slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing of fruits, vegetables, fish, and meats.

This multipurpose knife is tough enough to retain the sharpness of its edges for a longer period and the stainless steel makes it durable and safe from any stain or rust.

Use this knife every day and just wash with lukewarm water and mild detergent. No need of applying vegetable oil or taking exhaustive care of it every day as the knife is made to bear hard and rough work.

The large wooden handle of the knife is designed to give the user satisfaction. Overall the manufacturer is giving 100% money back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the efficiency of the knife, therefore trying the knife for once is a must.

Do not hesitate to go ahead with this knife.

Japanese High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife 2022 Reviews:

13. Zhen Japanese High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife And 7-In Santoku Knife Set


 This set of 4 knives made of Japanese top grade 440C anti-corrode steel with high cabon is one of the best kitchen knives set which will complete your requirement for cutting, slicing, dicing and chopping foods. If you are new in this market and do not know to go for which set of knives then close your eyes and hit the buy button.

In case you don’t believe me, then at least you will believe the buyers who have left their reviews after using this four set of  chef knives. These 4 knives leave them amazed with their precise cut and efficiency. The pack includes a chef knife, a utility knife, a Santoku and a small Santoku knife.

The handles of the knives are designed with anti-slip TRP which will also give comfortable holding. Chopping bones is not possible with any of these knives. The sharp edge of the knives can retain their sharpness for a longer period even if used for heavy duty work like chopping meats and fishes.

The knife set comes with a hand craft tool box. So if you want to gift it to your chef friend, then go ahead and book it.

Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives 2022 Reviews:

14. Benchusch Professional 8 Inch Chef Knife Made Of Ice-Hardened Stainless Steel


If you are searching for a stainless steel knife that can multitask, your search ends here. This professional knife made of ice-hardened stainless steel is the best chef knife that can multitask with ease. Slicing, dicing, chopping or mincing, whatever you want, you can achieve anything if you have this knife in your kitchen.

The stainless steel will protect the blade from corrosion. Moreover, its ice-hard technology gives the toughest knife. That is why the edge retention capability of this knife is better than other stainless steel made knives.

This German knife is one of the best kitchen knives which has the amorphous thermoplastic terpolymer handle with the traditional style-3 rivet. These features of the handle will give a comfortable holding with precise work experience.

If you are planning to buy this German knife then go ahead. It will eliminate most of your hard work and give you the best cutting experience.

15. Premium Stainless Steel 8 Inch Chef’s Knife by Urbane Kitchenware

Premium Stainless Steel 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

The Urbane Kitchenware manufactures one of the best chef knives and cook’s knives in the market right now. So if you are planning to buy one from them, then undoubtedly you do not need to worry about the quality of the product.

The stainless steel they use in their best kitchen knives are of high quality and of professional grade.  So you can use them in your kitchen for any heavy duty task without thinking twice. This 8 inch of stainless steel knife is resistant to dust and rust, so need of taking exhaustive care.

The amount of carbon in the knife is of .50%, which is higher than normal steel. So, naturally, this knife will hold its sharpness for a longer period unlike the steel made knives.

The ergonomically designed handle of this best all around kitchen knife will let you grip it perfectly. You will be able to cut the vegetables and meats with precision.

Overall this will be a great buying choice for your kitchen as this knife is specially made for the chefs, so there is no doubt that the knife will be efficient.

Cleaning And Maintain Your Knives:

  • Carbon Steel Knives:Carbon steel cleaning may seem, to many as an exhaustive task. As the materials used in carbon steel knives are not added with chromium, they can catch rusts. Therefore, you cannot abandon them in the sink for a longer period after using, as it will make the knife prone to corrosion. To make your top carbon steel knife more durable you need to take care of them properly.

Carbon steel knives should be washed with lukewarm water and mild detergent immediately after using. Do not soak them in the air, instead use a dry towel for soaking properly. Put a layer of vegetable oil on each of these good kitchen knives and then store them in a cool and dry place.

  • Stainless Steel Knives: A stainless steel knife is added with chromium which is why it is resistant to rusts and dust. It can restrict the damages caused by stain also. Generally, these best kitchen knives are dishwasher safe, so you can either wash them in the dishwasher or with your hands. No need of applying vegetable oil after soaking.

F A Q:

1>Does the company provide any kind of warranty?

Ans> Most of the companies provide that got selected into our list provides lifetime or long duration warranty. To be more sure you can always click on the link below the product to verify the warranty details.

2>Do I need to buy a sharpener to sharpen the top kitchen knives myself?

Ans> It is a better idea to buy an Electric Knife sharpener to sharpen the knives yourself.

3>How long can I expect the Knives to last?

Ans> These particular knives if used properly and maintained well will last for years. Also the funny part is they get better and smoother with use.